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And God said unto Abraham, “Abraham.”

And Abraham replied, “What.”

God said to John, “Come forth and receive eternal life.” But John came fifth and won a toaster.

And Judas approached the rabbis and Pharisees saying, “The one whom I kiss is the one you seek.”

To which they responded, “Gay.” 

And thus, god made Eve. And she was bammin’ slammin’ bootylicious.

  • Track Name

    All I Do Is Win (2011)

  • Album

    All I Do Is Win

  • Artist

    SUGA of 방탄소년단


SUGA - All I Do Is Win (2011)

We are the Bangtan Boys/Bulletproof Boy Scouts
The brave Bangtan Boys/Bulletproof Boy Scouts
and we don’t stop
yeah we won’t stop
if you want, if you need, if you want it everybody get in!

I’m from Daegu that’s why I’m hot (so hot) I’m the no.1 
A rapper that stole a young girls heart, that’s me I can’t stop, serial robber
From rap to producing I strive for them all
Within half a year of rapping I rose up, everyone below me hold your breath
**My rap is Superstar K, huh~ it’s sharp**
That’s probably why Big Hit discovered my talent first
Try looking hard because there isn’t somebody like me
If you noticed me earlier then follow me right away (hey let’s go!)
Whoever is in front of me I move on past them, can kill it only by rapping
Improve more as days go by, feel moved from my rhythm
Continuously spit out rap like bang bang a hectic explosion
Your head must be ringing because of me and i’m out

(**T/N: Huh Gak is a winner from Superstar K so Suga incorporates Huh Gak’s name as a rhyme to mean “sharp”**)

credit: thesoulmusiq @ TUMBLR (TRANS)

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